Who I’m not

Dec 4, 2020


2 am confession

When who I am makes it hurt to breathe

I’m not scared

I’m scarred

When who I see on the mirror makes it hard to live

I’m not hurt

I’m empty

When no one knows

I’m not me

I’m silence

When no one asks

I’m not disappointed

I’ve disappeared

When no one sees

I’m not angry

I’m tired

When no one cares

I’m not heartbroken

I’m quiet

When they are disappointed in me

I’m not sad

I know

I’m disappointed in me too

When they hurt me

I’m not hurt

I’m alone

When I live

I’m not alive

I’m empty space

I’m in agony

When I’m me

I’m not

I’m in hell




Writing is one of the few things I think I’m good at that genuinely makes my soul happy, almost like it is my purpose in life.